Several Tricks to Sneak in Some Exercise. 


Bust out your best moves!

Bust out your best moves!

We go to the doctor and are reminded by the "E" word.  

What is the "E " word?

We all know the word as exercise. About 45% of Americans avoid the "E" word like the plague and this is a shame.  Half hour of exercise most days of the week will help people with diabetes improve their blood glucose and relieve stress. One hour a day of low impact exercise such as walking can promote weight loss.

Now that you know WHY exercise is important, let's focus on the HOW. Most people automatically associate exercise with hard work but there are plenty of other ways of getting fit besides joining a gym. Here are some tips:

1. For half an hour a day dance to your favorite music.

Taking dance lessons is a fun form of exercise. However, if time or modesty is an issue just dance around the house when nobody is watching.  Find music that inspires you and mix up the songs so you don't get bored. 

2. Finally grow the garden of your dreams.

Working in your yard helps connect you to nature while at the same time burning extra energy.  Use a rake instead of a blower and a push mower versus a power motor to build up a sweat. 

3. Take your dog or your kids for a walk.

Walking your dog and exercising with your children is an excellent time to connect with the ones you love. Childhood obesity is on the rise so it is never too early to be a role model for your children. 

4. Visit the roller or ice skating rink.

I grew up in the seventies where roller skating was king. The roller derby has made a comeback so many women are rediscovering their inner child on the rink. Joining the roller derby may not be your forte but lacing up some skates is an optimal means of working out.  Ice skating is also an option in the winter. 

5. Head to the beach or pool in the summer.

I don't know about you but sand between my feet at the beach is bliss. Swimming in the water also distracts me from eating. Just make sure to wear some good sunscreen and don on some solid shades to protect yourself. 

6. Rake leaves  or play a round of flag football in the fall. 

Fall is a great time to exercise. First, the temperatures are mild. Second, there are plenty of leaves to rake.  Get together with some friends and start a flag football team for fun. If you are not the competitive type just throw the leather skin with children as  a bonding activity. 

7. Bobsled in the winter. 

Exercise is not limited by the weather. Learning how to ski or bobsled can burn calories during the winter. Also, shoveling the driveway daily instead of paying somebody else can help you feel empowered while knocking down the waistline. 

These are just seven ideas to get your body moving. If you have any questions or tips you would like to share feel free to comment. Your comments could help others.