How Family and Friends are Eager to Help. 

People are willing to support you in your journey if you ask.

People are willing to support you in your journey if you ask.

Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help and brave enough to ask for it.
— Unknown

It started with a phone call from my aunt. She told me she called to find out how my mother was doing. My mother at times socially isolates herself from others and that particular day she was not answering her phone. As I was explaining tomy aunt the frustration with trying to get my mom to open up about her feelings, my aunt revealed to me her struggle with depression. 

As many of my readers know I have family members diagnosed with diabetes.  Both my grandmothers and many members on both sides of my family had diabetes. My dad died from complications from this condition. I worked with one of my cousins to find the right diet and medication regiment. She was having difficulty with the side effects of Metformin so I suggested she ask her doctor for Metformin ER(extended release) to relief her symptoms. I figured cousin must have called my aunt and urged my aunt to call me. My mom was just a Segway for my aunt to talk about her diabetes.

My aunt is a caregiver. For years she took care of my uncle with Parkinson's disease until he recently died and she also has a husband with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD). She stated sometimes she "forgets" to take her medications. She mentioned she just needs someone to remind her to take her pills in the morning until she can get into a routine. I told her I would remind her.

My aunt lives on the other side of the state. Luckily, phone service is cheap. Every morning I send her a text at 8:00am reminding her to take her medications. Since we both have smart phones I send her pictures of my cat, Pinterest quotes and You Tube videos to cheer her up. I am human so sometimes I send the text later than I anticipated because I overslept or became caught up in my work but I make sure she hears from me at some point of the day.

She texted me last week telling me her doctor reported her HbA1c has lowered but most of all she feels supported. She probably does not know this but people with diabetes tend to have higher rates of depression than the rest of the population and stress could also cause her blood sugar to increase.

If you have diabetes don't be afraid to ask for help. If you know someone with diabetes who is struggling with depression ask what YOU can do to help them. Sometimes the individual with diabetes just needs someone to listen without judgment.

If you have diabetes what cheers you up? If you know someone with diabetes what step have you made to help them deal with diabetes? Please leave your comments below. Your input could help others. As always you can schedule an appointment with me.