Solutions for the Cosmetically Challenged Food

Stir-frying can turn ugly vegetables to sexy creations. 

Stir-frying can turn ugly vegetables to sexy creations. 

It's that time of year! The time of the year when the sun gives us a bounty of ripe fruit and vegetables.  However, sometimes our garden delights don't look as sexy as we would like.  It might also be fair to say some of produce may be called, "ugly".  

So what do you do with your cosmetically challenge summer harvest? 

First of all, understand when you find produce in your garden or Farmers' Market realize just like you can't judge the taste of plum by it's shape. Just like people some of the best fruits and vegetables may be have a less than stellar looks. 

Second,  implement the slogan of "making lemonade out of lemons." Instead of letting your fruit rot on the ground learn how to preserve.  There are books,  community extension courses and internet courses teaching anyone who is interested how to freeze, can and dry produce. Learning how to preserve is a  chance to have healthy food available when the weather changes and you could even give your creations as gifts.  Sauces, salads and stir fry dishes are always an option. 

Finally, see cosmetically change produce as an opportunity to save some money. Usually, the food is marked down because let's face it most people are superficial.  Why not cash in on their ignorance?

Here is a stir fry sauce I found in Pinterest that should get your creative juices flowing. 

If you have any other suggestions regarding ugly fruit please leave them in the comment section below. Your comments could help others.