Don't let Mondays break you down. 

Don't let Mondays break you down. 

If Monday was a mannequin....
— Unknown

Monday morning.

We all know the feeling.

For most of us, Monday represents a feeling a dread and we may be justified with this feeling.

Researchers found most heart attacks occur on Monday; particularly Monday mornings. 

For me, the question is why?

I decided to ask few coworkers for their opinions partly for information but mostly for stress relief. The answers varied. A social worker named "Aretha" stated she felt most people had heart attacks on Monday because many were partying or eating unhealthy throughout the weekend and their bodies caught up with them on Monday. Interesting?

"Kathy", a physician assistance, told me she had never heard of this fact although in her experience most people had heart attacks after a "traumatic event." I responded, "Kathy for some people Monday IS a traumatic event!" She thought about my statement and started to chuckle. 

Since we now know Mondays increase your chances for a heart attack here are some suggestions to beat the odds.

1. Prepare for your week on Sunday night.

Iron your clothes for the week the night before so you won't stress about what to wear in the morning. Pack your lunch and bring it work so you can have healthy food available instead of rushing to the vending machine.  Make sure you have a full tank of gas in your car before you go to sleep.  Most stress is caused when you are feeling out of control so preparing for your week on Sunday will make you feel more empowered.

2. Get plenty of sleep.

Instead of waking up tired and drinking a gallon of coffee throughout the day, try getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep the night before. Your mind and body will thank you

3. Play your favorite music in the morning.

The right song can get your through the day. Maybe you need  to hear something soft and relaxing to sooth your mind.  On the other hand, maybe you need a hard thumping Gangsta rap song to get your blood pumping.  Anything to lift you mood works. No judgement here!

4. Pray or meditate before you leave the house.

Think of at least one thing you are grateful for when you wake up. If you can't think of anything remember there are many people in the world who did not have the privilege of waking up.  You will be amazed how this simple exercise can help put your life in perspective. 

5. Treat Mondays like a new beginning.  

Instead of thinking of Mondays as the end of the weekend envision this day as a clean slate. Maybe this is the week you try a new restaurant or read a new book. How about changing the part on your hair today?  Change the quote on your email. Use Monday to kickoff all the new experiences you want to try and actually try them. 

Are Mondays stressful to you and if so how do you deal with this feeling? Please post your tips so you can help others. As always you can notify fill out the information section below if you have any questions.