3 Tips to Fight Hunger

Trading your candy bowl to a fruit bowl can improve your health. 

Trading your candy bowl to a fruit bowl can improve your health. 

Many people with diabetes complain of hunger throughout the day. This is no coincidence. Frequent hunger is a classic sign and symptom of diabetes. For some reason, food tends to digest faster with individuals with diabetes (unless you have gastroparesis of course). 

Here are three tips to fight hunger.

1. Eat more fiber.

High fiber food such as fruits, vegetables and whole grain help food process digest slowly to decrease hunger. Switching your candy bowl for a fruit bowl, eating fresh salads along with adding vegetables, whole grains and beans to your dishes are simple actions to increase your fiber intake. 

2. Limit television watching.

Never underestimate the power of suggestive thinking. Television watching is associated with increased food intake.  Multiple studies associate obesity with television watching, especially with children. Avoid watching television at dinner time so you are mindful of what you are eating.

3. Drink more water. 

Most Americans do not drink enough water and sometimes thirst is confused with hunger. Also, if as your fiber intake increases so should your water intake  to prevent constipation. 

These three tips should help curb hunger. What other tips have worked for you to fight hunger? Please share in the comments section below so you can help others.