5 Small Steps to Improve Your Blood Sugar.

Because Change Does Not Have to Suck.

Drinking fresh water saves calories and carbohydrates.

Drinking fresh water saves calories and carbohydrates.

Change. For many people this word conjures up fear and for others opportunity and excitement. I noticed through the years two types of the individuals when it comes to change.

The first type jumps in full frontal completely altering their life. They are going to lose 40 pounds in 40 days. They are going to move to a different city. They are going to join a high impact aerobic class after sitting on the couch for 10 years. 

What I notice is some of these individuals ACTUALLY commit to these changes  but most burn out and become frustrated. After all, most habits do not vanish overnight. It takes time. 

The second type becomes completely paralyzed and resists change at all cost. They know they need to lose those 40 pounds to improve their blood glucose but this means they will have to completely change their diet. Who wants to do that? They know they need to get in shape but the idea of waking up at 4:00am to exercise for two hours sounds exhausting. They know their blood sugar and their cholesterol is too high but there is NOTHING they can do about it. 

However, what if there is a middle ground to change? What if the act of committing small changes could add up to big results? Maybe these same people would be motivated to take their first step. 

Here are five small steps to improve your blood sugar:

1. Check your blood glucose (sugar) daily.

Monitoring blood sugar is associated with improved long term blood glucose control. Many insurance agencies provide 100 test strips every 90 days for individuals with type 2 diabetes  so smart monitoring is essential. If meeting your blood glucose targets is a challenge, check your blood sugar after your largest meal of the day and use the result as a barometer of the changes you will need to make. 

2. Move 30 minutes per day.

Daily exercise helps your body burn excess glucose and builds muscle tissue.  The big secret is you do not need to become a gym rat to lower your blood sugar. A 30 minute walk can improve your blood glucose for 24 hours. Dancing, biking and gardening are other methods to increase activity. If 30 minutes of movement sounds too challenging, break it down to 10 minute intervals. Michelle Obama, the former first lady said it best, "Just Move"!

3. Drink more water.

Replace those soda calories with good old fashion water. Water is calorie free, fat free and a necessary element for your body. Add lemon or buy sparkling water to mix things up. 

4. Eat a fresh salad each day.

Push start your vegetable intake buy eating a fresh basic salad. A basic salad includes raw leafy greens along with fresh fruit and vegetables. Many people forget tomatoes are a fruit. Try to limit heavy additions such as bacon  and request dressing on the side to reduce your fat intake.

5. Limit coffee to one cup per day preferably before noon. 

Proper sleep is essential to improving your blood glucose and overall health. Inhaling coffee all day causes sleep deprivation for most people. If you need coffee to keep your engines running try to limit intake to 8  to 12 ounces daily before noon.  

These changes can be the first step to managing your blood glucose and get you on the path to optimal health. Try these changes and tell me your results. Also, if you taken other small steps to improve your health please share them in the comments below to help others .