Pay Dirt!

How Supporting Your Local Farmers Feeds Your Body and Soul.

Farmer's Markets or Community Supported Agriculture is the next best thing to our home gardens.

Farmer's Markets or Community Supported Agriculture is the next best thing to our home gardens.

It finally happened this weekend...


After four years of drought, Northern California was blessed with rain.

LOTS of rain! 

Of course with excessive rain comes flooding.

When I read the forecast today I jumped for joy. Finally, I can ride my bike and not worry about running over puddles. One of my favorite activities is riding my bike around town. I take indoor cycling in the winter but nothing can compare to the fresh air and the scenery of a bike ride.

Also, bike riding enhances my creativity and today I was really suffering from writer's block. 

As I was in the bike store filling up air in my tires I was contemplating on this week's blog topic. "Maybe diabetes and exercise would be a great topic" or "How about diabetes and depression". I was perplexed until I arrived to my destination.

The Farmer's Market.

Thanks to my aversion to rain I have skipped my weekly Farmer's Market run in the past few months and apparently I was not alone. The market was almost empty. The farmers were practically giving away the food! Since the weather has improved people need to visit the Farmer's Market for the following reasons:

1. The food is more nutritious.

Yes, we love the grocery store. The supermarket is convenient and for some communities a luxury. Nonetheless, eating a nectarine in California in February is just not natural. Think of how many miles that nectarine traveled to arrive in the fruit bin. The  local food at the Farmer's Market was recently harvested, thereby, retaining most of its nutritional value. 

2. The food is usually more economical.

Food at the Farmer's Market is usually cheaper than food from the grocery store because the Farmer's Market items requires less packaging and processing. Nutritious but less attractive produce is usually available for less. Also, if you go the Farmer's Market about half an hour before closing time the vendors usually cut prices so they do not have to bring the food back home. 

3. Buying at the Farmer's Market creates a sense of community.

The vendors are really friendly and knowledgeable about the food they produce. Parents are often spotted educating their children about how food is grown. Meeting the farmers up close and personal reminds us how we are all interconnected. If you REALLY want to get more connected CSA(community supported agriculture) programs is an option. 

What other advantages would you like to share about the Farmer's Market? I look forward to your answers.