Why is my blood sugar so high?

Why Is My Blood Sugar So High and what to do about it?


Many eateries will provide carbohydrate information if you ask.

Many eateries will provide carbohydrate information if you ask.

High blood sugar, high blood glucose or hyperglycemia. Whatever name you choose to use this condition can cause havoc on your body. Excess glucose or sugar in the blood prevents adequate oxygen from flowing to vital organs resulting in increased risks for strokes, kidney disease and amputations.  Typically, high blood glucose or sugar can be caused by five reasons:

1. You may be sick or stressed out.

Whenever your body is physically or mentally stressed your blood sugar rises. Something as simple as a cold or bad encounter with a co-worker activates the stress hormone cortisol resulting in  increased blood sugar.

Solution: Staying healthy and managing stress  are keys to preventing high blood glucose.

2. You may need to adjust your blood glucose medication.

Diabetes can change over time. As a result, you may need to adjust your blood glucose medications. Also, if you start a new oral medication it will take about two to three weeks to see any noticeable results. 

Solution: The key is to team with your doctor, pharmacist and your diabetes educator to find the right medication or dose to meet your blood glucose goals. 

3. You may have Somogyi AKA Rebound Hypoglycemia.

Some people have too low blood sugar at nighttime. As a result your body will fight back and raise your blood sugar too high to compensate for the low blood glucose or hypoglycemia. This condition is called Somogyi or Rebound Hypoglycemia.The best way to know if you have this condition is to check your blood sugar in the middle of the night. 

Solution: The keys are eating a snack or adjusting your blood sugar before you sleep. 

4. You may have Predawn Phenomenon.

Predawn phenomenon is a condition where your blood sugar is high between the hours of 2am to 8am. This is due to cortisol, glucagon and epinephrine known as a class of hormones called growth hormones. If the body produces too much growth hormones the blood sugar will rise. 

Solution: The keys are to eat earlier in the evening or exercise before you go to sleep.


5. You ate too many carbohydrates. 

I decided to save the obvious for last. Your body needs carbohydrates for fuel and just like any machine too much fuel can overload your tank AKA your body. 

Solution: The key is to learn how to count your carbohydrates so you do not eat too many at one time to keep your blood sugar in balance. 

Common signs and symptoms of high blood glucose includes frequent hunger, frequent thirst and frequent urination.  

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Allison L Boyd, RDN, CYT, CDE