So What is Too HIGH or Too LOW Blood Sugar?

How to see the light!

You don't have to feel like your in dark when dealing with your diabetes. 

You don't have to feel like your in dark when dealing with your diabetes. 

My last two blogs talked about high blood sugar also known as hyperglycemia and low blood sugar also known as hypoglycemia. Oftentimes many people with diabetes have no idea WHAT are their blood glucose goals.

First of all , I will be talking about blood glucose targets for  non-pregnant people WITH diabetes. If you happen to have Prediabetes, Gestational Diabetes or want to know the range for the general population I will discuss these topics in later blogs. Today's focus is solely on individuals diagnosed with diabetes.

If you have diabetes your blood glucose goals are based on the time of day and the activities during this period.  

The first time people with diabetes should measure their blood glucose is when they first wake  up.  This is called your fasting blood sugar or preprandial blood glucose. Your target should be between 80-130mg/dl . If your blood sugar is routinely above or below this range  action needs to be taken reach your targets. Usually something as simple as adjusting the dose or timing of your blood glucose medications can make a big difference.

Once you have found a system to manage your fasting blood glucose the next goal is to improve your postprandial blood glucose(sugar) goals. This means checking your blood glucose one to two hours after eating your meal. Your blood sugar should be less than 180mg/dl during that time.  If your blood sugar is above this range this is an indicator you may need to adjust the amount of carbohydrates you are eating with each meal. In some cases, high blood postprandial may also indicate a need for insulin adjustment. Again, adjusting your carbohydrate intake  is usually the preferred action.

Finally,  checking your blood sugar before you sleep is imperative if you are taking insulin or pills sulfonylurea class such as Glipizide or Glimepiride.  People with diabetes ideal blood glucose(sugar) target before bedtime is 110-150mg/dl. You may be asking why such a high target range? The reason is to prevent low blood glucose or hypoglycemia while you are sleeping. 

Now most people who are oral diabetes medications other than sulfonyureas will not need to check their blood glucose three times a day unless they are not meeting their targets. Alternating the time of day to check your blood sugar can give you a clear picture of where you need to make changes. 

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Allison L Boyd, RDN, CYT, CDE