Dawn of a New Day

"Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise."                                                              Les Miserables    

"Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise."

                                                          Les Miserables


Change is scary and exciting at the same time.  Recently, we decided to spend an evening in Brisbane, an area south of San Francisco. I love traveling even if the location is close to home. Traveling allows my mind to see the world differently. The next day,  I decided to take a morning walk around the Bay and watch the sunrise. Sunrises remind me how each day is a new beginning. No matter where we are in our lives we can start over. We just need to know with each step taken we will be wiser. In some situations, I often hear people tell me being diagnosed with diabetes saved their lives. How?  Diabetes forced them to take action to improve their health. They now had to watch what they ate. Exercise was a MUST,  not an option. One example was a nurse who improved her own health when her husband was diagnosed with diabetes. By exercising together and eating the same food SHE lost twenty-five pounds! Future projections show one out of three people in the United States will be diagnosed with diabetes. Imagine how many lives could be improved if we convince everyone , even people who are not diagnosed with diabetes to be more active and mindful of what they eat?  

Just my passing words for the end of National Diabetes Month 2016.....