Our Mission is simple: to help individuals with diabetes make realistic, sustainable and balance choices TOGETHER. 

Photo by udra/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by udra/iStock / Getty Images

What is a Diabetes Self-Management Program?

Diabetes Self-Management is a supportive education program involving the person with diabetes and the educator working together to improve the quality of care for the individual with diabetes. 


" Diabetes educators are integral in providing individualized education and promoting behavior change using the AADE-7 Self-Care Behaviors developed by the American Association of Diabetes Educators"


National Institute of Health (NIH)-"Partnering with Diabetes Educators to improve patient outcomes" February 2, 2014

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Photo by vaeenma/iStock / Getty Images

Benefits of Diabetes Self-Management Program

Diabetes Self-Management Programs increases knowledge and helps to promote positive behavior changes. These benefits can improve HbA1c and prevent diabetes complications. HbA1c measures the average blood sugar levels over 3 months. 


Lowering HbA1C by 1% decreases risk of kidney disease, amputation, stroke and blindness by 40%. 


AADE7 Self-Care Behaviors Treatment Goals Include: 

1. Healthy Eating

2. Being Active

3. Monitoring

4. Taking Medications

5. Problem Solving

6. Healthy Coping

7.Reducing Risks

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Photo by Rawpixel Ltd/iStock / Getty Images


Medicare and most insurance companies pay for Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support Programs. All we need is a doctor's referral along with your insurance information. We offer group and individual classes in the evening to fit into your working schedule. 


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